by Dylan Wolfram

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"Bellows" is a spoken word project by Dylan Wolfram.


released February 19, 2017

Big ups to my friends and family for putting up with me.

"If I had my way" music by Matchin' Punchies

"Material fiend" music by Bad Bid

"Bellows" music and produced by Colour for a rebel (

"Do you have a life" music by Nefeli Walking Undercover, track: November | The Clouds from the album titled "12"

"Of Gods & boredom" music by Alex Dante

"Dreaming of the end at the starting line" music by Alex Dante

All tracks were mixed and mastered by Vassilis Zampikos at Ηχοβρύχιο studio

Artwork by Kuro



all rights reserved


Dylan Wolfram Athens, Greece

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Track Name: If I had my way
If I had my way
none of those I call family
would have to work, ever again,
for money,
but, only for personal pleasure.

If I had my way,
none of those I call family,
would ever have to attend a gathering
they wouldn't want to attend.
Instead, they'd get to spend more time
with those they truly love.

If I had my way,
all those I call family
would always gaze at the future
with brave eyes.

If I had my way,
none of those I call family
would ever have to feel
the weight of their being
crashing down after a long day
or, worry about
in which social class they belong.

If I had my way,
all those I call family
would have the privilege
to always enjoy their night sleep.

If I had my way,
they'd always smile heartily
and wouldn't struggle to raise their lips
to satisfy someone non important.

If I had my way,
they'd always have the strength
to fight for all the things that matter to them.

If I had my way,
at the last moment of my existence
they would just forget me
and wouldn't feel
sorrow or pain.
Track Name: Material Fiend
We all have bills to pay
we all have the hungriest heart to feed.

We all pray,
before we close our eyes at night,
to get lost in good dreams.

We all have a muse
hidden somewhere
in our life's routine.

But, we humilate
denounce and dismember
every day
down to hours, seconds and minutes
blind and oblivious
to what a miracle life truly is.

Becoming the worst
any man can be,
matterial fiend.
Track Name: Bellows
I often tell myself
that I should have
gotten up and left here, while I could;
but then again, I come to think that
it’d be of no use,
as when I lay to sleep,
I always end up back at the same place.

I’ve gotten used to its environment
and learned to refer to it
as a second reality or a second home
after the so many times it has accommodated me
When I lay to sleep
I always end up at the same place
in my house, sat on the couch
on a regular day, of a regular week
of an average month
in Hell,
with a mind filled with dead dreams,
tons of apathy resting on my chest,
and a cup of whiskey in hand
just like everyone else there.

But, I want to be frank with you,
about what stirs my emotions
and stamps this environment
with the gracious label of

it’s not the dark blue mantle
blanketing the sky for as far as the eye can see
it’s not the bleak eeriness of the society
it’s not the
dominant presence
of absence of
any feeling
but nothingness,
or the bellows of the
damned and doomed
suffering in agony
in the middle of the night
when everyone’s asleep

what makes it so hair raising
is that the ads on T.V
are the same with the ones
one would watch
in our shared reality.

With the people constantly being reminded
that net worth
is more important
than self-worth

So, with fear I realize
that sometimes
the only difference
between Hell and reality
must be in the weather.
Track Name: Do you have a life?
Who is a bigger liar,
dreams, or the real world?

See, it doesn't matter;
all I want is to read every sentence
and savor every word
of what is written in the stars.

My mother said I can
if I want bad enough.
But, she also said that
I'll only waste my time
and won't live a part of
our short time here life
if I try anything like that.

And I often come to debate with myself
if time would feel any pain
if one day I punched the clock
till its hands snapped and batteries scattered
all across the floor.

The back of my head
must be pretty spacious
to fit and so neatly hide away
any hint of positive thinking.

What does someone do
if he's convinced that
the only thing of significance he can ever do
is suicide?

What does someone do
if he's done with life
before his time?

Do you wait for death
start creating a new life?

But, do you really
even have a life?
Track Name: Of Gods & boredom
Your God
His God
Her God
Their God

My God,
how boring can we people be
when looking for comfort
Track Name: Dreaming of the end at the starting line
Toying with the idea of suicide,
roomanticizing the end
when only at the beginning,
jumping in front of a moving train,
Or jumping off the third floor
as the asphalt looks so soft and inviting.
Mooning over a fair and easy future
or no future at all
it’s not something rare.
Falling in love with the idea of disappearing completely
while slipping through the clock’s hands
like grains of sand.
Falling and falling till I find a feeling equal with love.
I press these buttons in my mind
and ideas as such are shot like fireworks
on a summer night sky;
blinding me
leaving me unable to think,
watching their colors blasting
and painting my mind with their hue.
As I sit and contemplate what it’d be like
if I hadn’t witnessed the eyes of the wolf widen
if I hadn’t witnessed the martyr being beaten down
if I hadn’t witnessed half the monstrosities I have
and was just another bird.

I wish I was a bird
with the memory of a goldfish